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Photos from year 2008 - 2015

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  48th Annual Conference (Dudhnoi)   49th Annual Conference (Gosai Gaon)   BSS Programmes on 19th May, 2008
  BSS Programmes on 26th August, 2008   BSS Programmes on 27th September, 2008   BSS Programmes on 31st December, 2008
  Felicitation   Late Manoronjam Lahori Memorial Day Celebration at Kokrajhar   Peace Talks with N.D.F.B
  Arunachal 2nd Nyishi Bodo Summit   51st Annual Conference   BSS & Sahitya Akademi Seminar
  Delhi Dharna   Flworal tribute to Bhupen Hazarika & Mamoni R. Goswami   Nepal
  52nd Conference (Tipkai)   Bijni Rlive Camp   BNF Dibrugarh, 2013
  Bodo Medium Golden Jublee Celebration, Salbari   CSTT Workshop on Chemistry and Linguistics held at Guwahati
on 29th May to 2nd June,2013
  Delhi Dharna on 8th August,2012
  Delhi Dharna on 27th Nov.2012   Dispur Dharana   Kokrajhr Relief Camp
  JK Basumatary   Meeting with Gaurav Gogoi on 53th Conference, BSS, Golaghat   Tribute to Late Chanakya Brahma
  Delhi Program with PM, 30th Nov. 2012   Extra BSS Photos   8th July 2013, AASU Dharna at SEBA
  9,10th Sep,2013 Bodo drama sahitya akademi, at kokrajhat bodoland university   13th Dec, 2013 Foundation of main post of main pendal of the 53rd annual conference at telisha Golaghat   17th July, 2013 Dispur Dharna
  17th Oct, 2013 Discussion ABSU & BSS at Kokrajhar   20-24th July, Bodo text book translation workshop at Kokrajhar   28th Sept, 2013 Martyer day celebration at Golaghat
  29th Sept, 2013 General Meeting with RC , Golaghat   53rd Annual Conference of BSS held at Bishnu-Bijay Nagar   ABILAC Dictionary workshop, 20-26th July, 2013 at Guwahati
  Death anniversary of Bihuram Boro,27th Sept, 2013   Death Anniversary of Bineswar Brahma, 19th August, 2013   Discussion with chief of Sonowal Kachari A.C., and BSS at dibrugah on 12th Dec, 2013
  Discussion with CSTT Chairman 29th July, 2013 at New Delhi   Joint Secy of NLCPR Govt. of India visited Socio-Literary Cultural Complex, BSS at Bathoupuri, Ghy on Jan, 2014   Meeting with VC, Dibrugarh University and BSS, on 12th Dec, 2013
  Welcome & Felecitation to Dr. Prafulla Mahanta, 3rd Nov, 2013   Welcome & Felecitation to Prof. Hemanta Kr. Baruah, Hon'ble VC, Bodoland Universiry, at J.B. Hagjer Bhawan, Guwahati, Nov. 2013   Writers meet Sahitya Academi, at Guwahati 26-27th Oct, 2013
  BSS Special Delegate   Delhi Programme   Peace Meeting at Kokrajhar Commerce College on 10th August, 2014
  Chirang Dharna, 29th Aug, 2014   Hindi Bodo-English Dictionary Inaugural Ceremony on 23 August, 2014   Meeting at Dibrugarh University, 28th Aug, 2014
  Peace Meeting, chirang, 17th August, 2014 at Kajalgaon   Peace Meeting, Mushalpur,
Baksa on 24th August, 2014
  Peace Meeting, Odalguri on 30th August, 2014
  Press Meet, 18th August, 2014   Press Meet, 23th August, 2014   UPSC, Manas Khgr Kachari
  BSS-ABSU Talk on 7th September, 2014   Peace meeting, Sonitpur on 2014 September, 2014 at Rangapara College   Press Meet, 6th Sept, 2014
  Bodo Sahitya Sabha Martyrs Day celebration on 28th Sept, 2014 at J.B. Hagjer Bhawan, Sub-Office of BSS, Nayanpur Road, Ganeshguri   BSS met DC, DFO and SP of Sonitpur Dist. on 25th Sept, 2014 at Dc Office, Tezpur   Celebration of 24th Death Anniversary of Bihuram Boro on 27 Sept, 2014 at Bihuram Boro Trust Complex, Rowta Fwtar, Odalguri
  Sahitya Akademi Seminar on 26 Sept, 2014 at Rangapara College, Sonitpur   Mass Dharna Program at Raj Bhawan, Ghy-4 organised by BSS   Meeting of BSS and ABSU
  CEC Meeting on 28th September, 2014 at J.B. Hagjer Bhawan, Nayanpur Road, Ganeshguri, Guwahati-6   Guwahati-Bodo Sahitya Sabha submitting memorandum to Governor on 06-11-14   Minutes of meeting held in between BPF, a Political Party and ABSU by Bodo Sahitya Sabha on 9th October, 2014 at PWD Guest House, Kokrajhar
  Delhi Dharna on 26th Nov, 2014   BSS Central Library Photo   BSS Press meet on present situation of Assam on 24th Dec, 2014
  Meeting of AASU,ABSU,... on present situation of Assam   Citizens protest Dharna at Digholipukhuri, Ghy on 28th Dec., 2014   CEC Meeting on 9th January, 2015
  Press Meet, BSS on 9th January, 2015   54th Annual Conference, 2015 - Gallery 1   54th Annual Conference, 2015 - Gallery 2
  54th Annual Conference, 2015 - Gallery 3   54th Annual Conference, 2015 - Gallery 4   Hon'ble Speaker P Gogoi meet Bodo leaders on 10th March, 2015
  Joint meeting of the Indigenous Tribal Sahitya Sabhas on 22nd March, 2015   A three members delegation team of Bodo Sahitya Sabha met Hon'ble Union Minister, Tribal Affairs Sri Jual Oram on 29th April, 2015   Workshop of Multi-Langual Dictionary, CHD, on 27th April, 2015 to 01 May, 2015 at R.K. Puram, New Delhi
  BSS meet with Mr. Kiren Rijiju at North Block Office, New Delhi   Indigenous tribal sahitya sabha convention on 10th May, 2015   Open Discussion with Vice Chancellor of Krishan Kanta Handique
  55 RC Form at Chirang on 26th July,2015   AASU discussion on 6th June,2015   BSS met Assam Chief Secy. on 21st July,2015
  CSTT Workshop BSS on 25th to 29th July, 2015   Delhi Programme ITSS on 16th July,2015   Governor Meet, Kokrajhar, 12th June, 2015
  Office Bearers of Indigenous Tribal Sahitya Sabhas of Assam met Hon'ble State Union Minister of Sports & Youth Welfare   Photo NRC discussion on 9th June, 2015   Press Meet, ITSS on 17th July, 2015
  Sonitpurt Dist. Education tour 12 July, 2015   Speaker met on 6th June, 2015   VC, DU on 1st June,2015
  12th Death Anniversary of Late Ramdas Basumatary, Ex-President, BSS   BSS met Govornor on 8th September, 2015   BSS met Hon'ble Education Minister, Assam on 11th August, 2015
  BSS met Hon'ble Union Minister of State for Prime Minister Office and Doner Dr. Jitendra Singh on 18th August, 2015   BSS met Hon'ble Union Minister of State, Home Affairs Mr. Kiren Rijiju on 19th August, 2015   BSS met Hon'ble Union Minister of Tribal Affairs Mr. Jual Oram on 16th July, 2015
  Felicitation of Hon'ble Chief of BTC Mr. Hagrama Mohilary at Bodoland Bhawan   Press Meet , Kokrajhar Head Office on 16th August, 2015   15th Bineswar brahma photo on 25th Sept, 2015
  25th Bihuram death anniversary on 27th Sept, 2015   Bodo Sahitya Sabha delegation team met Executive Director, Bongaigaon Refinery on 1st October, 2015   CEC Meeting on 26th Sept, 2015 at Rowta College
  Discussion of Ambedkar University, Delhi and BSS on 18th October, 2015 at RNB Bhawan, Kokrajhar   ITSS and Six Other Indigenous people meeting on 2nd October, 2015   ITSS Meeting at Bodoland Guest House, Ghy on 3rd October, 2015
  ITSS meeting on 2nd October, 2015   ITSS Press Meet on 13th Sept, 2015 at JB Hagjer Bhawan, Ganeshguri, Ghy-6   Photo Sradhanjali on 11th October,2015
  Photo Tarun Phukan Basumatary on 9th October, 2015 at his Residence Dobhaigaon, Bhouraguri, Kokrajhar   Photo Tarun Phukan Basumatary on 30th October, 2015 at his Residence Dobhaigaon, Bhouraguri, Kokrajhar   Sahitya Akademi seminar 2015 at Dudhnoi college on 25th Sept, 2015
  Workshop Cum-Seminar of Ambedkar University, Delhi and BSS on 19th October, 2015 at CIT, Kokrajhar   16th November 64th Foundation Day Celebration   Photo of Dudhnoi Seminar held on 22-11-2015
  Photos of DU Progrm held on 30-11-15   Prof. Kiryu Photo on 24 and 25 Dec, 2015   Tribal Meeting ITA,Ghy on 29-12-15
  BSS in West Bengal on 15th November, 2015        

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