Aims and Objects

The Aims and Objects of Bodo Sahitya Sabha are :

  • (I) To bring together all the lovers of Bodo language, literature and culture under one organization.
  • (II) To propagate among the masses the need of imparting education through the Mother tongue.
  • (III) To make the Bodo language a medium of instruction.
  • (IV) To develop and expand the Bodo language by producing standard literature and Text Books in it.
  • (V) To promote the Bodo Culture.
  • (VI) To investigate and solve the problems pertaining language, literature and culture of the Bodos.
  • (VII) To encourage the preservation and establishment of works and memorials of the Bodos in all parts of India and abroad.
  • (VIII) To safeguard Language, Literature and Culture.
  • (IX) To findout , collect, research, preserve, and publish the past and folk literature and the past Historical events of the Bodos.
  • (X) To unite the languages of Dimasa, Tipperah (Kok-Borok) and other allied languages and dialects of different region both Plains and Hills and thus to make them common to all of the Bodos by making proper studies and creating common literature.
  • (XI) To establish Research Centre of the Bodo language,literature and culture.
  • (XII) To compile, publish and preserve the Dictionary, Grammer and other important Books of the Bodos.
  • (XIII) To publish mouthpiece, journals and periodicals in Bodo.
  • (XIV) To adopt policies and programmes of interaction and exchange of views of language, literature and culture with other communities.
  • (XV) To make acquainted to the non Bodo speaking people with Bodo literature and culture and promote harmonious development and understanding of all Indian literature and culture.
  • (XVI) To confer award/prize to the persons with remarkable contributions to the Bodo language, literature and culture and preservation of indigenous natures and matters.
  • (XVII) To provide scope and help of research works to the interested educated persons especially in the field of Bodo language, literature and culture.
  • (XVIII) To hold seminars on Bodo language, literature and culture.
  • (XIX) To organize and hold Conference/Session in every year in the different parts of India and abroad for promotion and propagation of Bodo language, literature and culture.
  • (XX) To take necessary steps other than the aims and objects mentioned above and chapter, sections and clouses of this constitution.
  • (XXI) The B.S.S. shall constitute form trust on receipt of donations / collections under the provision of trust act.

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