Bodo Sahitya Sabha's Emblem : What it means?

  • Open

    At the base, there shall be an open book where “Boro Rao Geolangthwng” shall be written. The Book shall signify the treasure of Knowledge.

  • Snana

    There shall be the “Snana Mandir” of khaspur kingdom (at present in District of Cashar, Assam) above the open book. The “Snana Mandir” shall signify the symbol of great Bodo Nation.

  • Khampha

    In both the side of the “Snana Mandir” there shall be ‘khampha’ (Pillar) on either side the victory Tomb of Dimapur and that shall signify the symbol of victorians great Bodo Nation.

  • Color on

    The colour sky blue shall be painted on the “Snana Mandir” and “Khampha” which shall signify the universality as the sky embraces all the living beings in the univers without any differences.

  • Gasa

    There shall be a “Gasa” (Light) in the middle of the emblem and that shall signify the source of light.

  • Peacock

    There shall be a pea-cock, the National Bird of India, by the side of “Gasa” which shall bear the significance of peace and integrity.

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